Come Ride With Me

Coming out of a Wind River hunting camp with my horses. Riding Rustler and packing Sage. I was at the end of a camp cooking contract job, circa 2005.

 From March, 2014
     The inspiration to write the tales of a lifetime comes and goes with me, depending on how much other stuff I think I need to prioritize. Marketing, advertising, bookkeeping, housework, cooking, husband, grown daughters, aging parents, horses, dogs, finances, vehicle maintenance, YIKES that’s a long list! But I do enjoy writing, enough so that I used to write a column for a now-deceased local news rag. I still pen an essay or two for special occasions, so I know that all it really takes is a little time and consistent pursuit to get the words flowing.
      All that being said, I believe that I am in the same boat as many of the lovely women riders that join us on the trail every season here in Wyoming. We are all busy with the day-to-day of this life we are inserted in to, and prioritizing what needs to be done and what we want to pursue is complex. The pressure to make a living while maintaining a quality family life simultaneously is intense, and often we ladies find it difficult to twist off and do something for ourselves. Many studies are around that validate the fact that “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”; therefore, it is in the best interest of everyone we come in contact with that we honor ourselves by taking care of our own needs.
     So, starting today I am going to write (read: BLOG) regularly about what has brought me along in my career, where the trails have met, and forked along the way, and how the influences of people, animals, weather, government and politics have “bent the twig” so to speak. It may lead to some thought-provoking ideas, or maybe give someone pause as they think of their own life. I know that I have witnessed some miraculous things in all the years I’ve spent on horseback, and in the camps where I’ve built a fire. And every event and experience has led me to the place that my husband Mike and I call Blue Sky Sage Horseback Adventures, which is where women just like me who love to ride free and have an adventure all their own can come and do the same. I hope you will ride along, stirrup to stirrup with me, and we’ll see where our ponies will take us . . . 
Hoka Hey!

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