Seasonal Rhythms

We’re deep into winter. Granted, we are having a relatively easy time of it, compared to our neighbors north of here about 50 miles and beyond, so we are appreciative of that fact. Mike has been running the snow blower on the big tractor to open the road about twice a week, and doing most of the chores, while I tap, tap, tap away on the laptop in pursuit of sales for the summer ride season. After a lifetime spent here in Wyoming, we’ve finally learned to get into a rhythm with the season, and not fight with the elements so much. We do what we have to, but nothing more, and the isolation means a trip to town is only on the schedule about once every 10 days.

This is a fresh effort to write and engage on a different platform than the usual social media hotspots. The old “blogspot” has become difficult to maintain, and besides, it was time for a twist away from Google’s domination of our online workspace. The posts from there appear here though, so we didn’t lose them in cyberspace, and we’re going to work hard at creating some new content to share with you.

So settle in with us around our “virtual campfire” every now and then, and who knows what we may reveal . . . 🙂


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